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Another #sfnbanter in the books!

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Wow, you guys. This year's banter was just beyond. What was once 25 bloggers & tweeters in the corner of a bar is now LITERALLY ONE THOUSAND neuroscientists of all stripes taking over San Diego's 5th avenue like rock stars. I believe, now, that my work here is done, and it's time to pass the torch while it blazes with the light of one hundred Deisseroth Cell papers.. Below, please see a post from your new banter overlords, @shrewshrew and @CousinAmygdala. To help them out, leave your banter feedback (both positive and negative) in the comments so that next year's banter will be even more spectacular! It's truly been an honor. See you next year!

Hi everybody, can I get real with you all for a minute about something important to me? It’s called #sfnbanter, and it is the best everlovin’ party at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.

But you don’t have to take my word for it:


#sfnbanter is so popular we had insane lines to get in this year, with 1000 people trying to get into a space that accommodates 200. (Sorry about the lines!) #sfnbanter is so good that I loved it even though I couldn’t even drink because of a migraine. #sfnbanter was so good I was there from start to finish with a migraine! #sfnbanter is so good that people make @twitter accounts to follow a half peeled sentient orange (@sfnbanter) to learn the party location, and then use said accounts to stay connected with all their newfound science friends.

The fact that #sfnbanter existed at all this year was thanks to the incredible efforts and generosity of @INCForg and @Helena_LB, and the organizing prowess of @doc_becca. They threw a rocking party and helped pay for the space, booze, and my many ice-cold Coca-Colas (buying out bars isn’t cheap, people). INCF does incredible work supporting informatics in the neurosciences (I hear big data is big these days) and their love of connecting people enabled them to help make #sfnbanter a reality. I am incredibly grateful for their support this past year. I hope you join me in thanking them!

But it is time for us to GROW. I say “us” because in a brief moment’s departure from sanity, Becca elected to involve myself and @CousinAmygdala in planning next year’s #sfnbanter, and now she cannot take it back because I just told all of you. We need to find a space that can accommodate all of neuroscience Twitter at once, a group that gets bigger every year. A place that will serve us negronis while we meet new friends, and meet old friends for the first time. And that means we need to find the financial support to make that happen.

The best thing Twitter ever did for anyone was make it easier to connect, in order to to support each other, to tease each other, to share new findings, and, critically, for the Journal of Neuroscience (@JNeuroscience) to share new cat gifs.  Our ability to do good science depends on our ability to know what our colleagues and friends are working on, thinking about, struggling with, and figuring out. Good science is the best tool we have to make the world a better place, and you all are doing it! I know you are, because I saw it on Twitter.

Let’s have a party to celebrate that!

Shrew out.

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