On the market at #sfn14 - what should and shouldn't you do?

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Are you going to the Society for Neuroscience Annual meeting? Did you just submit a bunch of tenure-track job applications?

If you answered "yes" and "yes" to the above question, you are probably wondering whether there is anything you can do at the meeting to increase your chances of getting short listed. One of the most tempting things might be to find a way to "accidentally" bump into some faculty from the departments you've applied to, but I implore you not to do this. It is creepy and awkward and will likely do little to endear you to the search committee.

The best thing I think you can do is stay at your poster the whole four hours (or give a kick-ass talk if you're in a symposium). If you're on a medium list, there's a chance someone from the search committee might come check out your poster. If that happens, just do your poster spiel and be as nice and likable as possible, no matter what they ask you. Do NOT mention that you applied to their department or ask anything about how their search is going. Capisce?

Basically, just go and be your awesome self. And come to BANTER!

In the comments, feel free to leave related questions or past experiences. Anyone have any informal "interviews" while at the meeting?

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  • potnia theron says:

    If you treat everyone who comes to your poster as if they are on the search committee, you won't screw up if its someone you didn't realize was on the committee.

    On the other hand, you should have done the research about who's in the department, so at least you recognize names.

    Also, if there is someone at the dept who you know will be at neuroscience, go see their poster. Don't be creepy (i.e. talk about the job). But ask an intelligent question.

  • anonymous postdoc (shrewshrew) says:

    Am I permitted to *not* go to every single poster by every single person at every single department I have sent or will send an application to? SFN is busy enough and I don't have the energy to become the sort of person that stalks people over a particular job. What will be, will be.

    I don't want to seem uninterested, though, because I obviously am...I just don't think my going to that poster and talking to the graduate student is going to make or break my candidacy. Is this incorrect?

    That said, I do have one informal interview actually! Cross your fingers for me.

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