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Get ready to (Neuro)rumbl!

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It is peak faculty search season, folks, and you might be wondering what you can do to ensure that the beautiful foliage of your application package is seen by as many eyes as possible. Well, look no further than Neurorumblr, your one-stop shop for all the hot gossip on all the neuro-related jobs out there. There is a sweet interactive spreadsheet with important deadlines and links for each job, and space for you to add any info (say, if you hear interviews have been scheduled) you might have as the season progresses. In addition, there's a growing list of conferences, a discussion forum, and an impressive list of links with advice of all kinds.

Neurorumblr is the brainchild of Adam Calhoun, and boy do I wish this thing had been around when I was on the market! So go give him a high-five, and then...go rumbl!

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Guest post: how to get out of uncomfortable situations

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Today we have a guest post from good friend of the blog, MyTchondria, who has an SfN-related story to share. There is a lesson here, people.

Why Namenzia is My Hero

As SfN14 approaches, I eagerly await the silence that will envelop my building as the neuroscience masses flock to DC for the gathering of the hive mind.  I’ve attended a lot of SfN meetings but this year I couldn't bring myself to do it financially or emotionally.

This would have been the first year for me where the impact of #RipplesofDoubt had settled in for me and, coupled with my massive loathing of Nature’s year of multi-tiered failures of misogyny, bias and arrogance, I had sincere concerns I might end up in stabby-pants prison.

The stories of assault, harassment and bullying of women in science this year were written about with such pain and eloquence that their truths were undeniable for those of us who had experienced these things in the field, bench and in our professional social lives. I know quite clearly that I have been part of the problem - guilty of taking my history and putting them into a tight little ball deep in my innards that would surely cause cancer one day.  Making the guilt worse was what turned out to be my totally unfounded hope that harassment would end with my generation of female scientists. These hopes were soon dashed when a neuroscience trainee detailed harassment at SfN in a new lawsuit filed this summer against her mentor and other BSD scientists.  All very depressing things. But I find hope in last years #SfN13 banter and wanted to share the utterly hilarious and totally reflexive behavior of last year’s “Official Winner of #SfN13*” @Namenzia.

One of the most compelling and annoying hobbies for new Twitter folks is trying to put a pseudonym with an in real life person (by the way, don’t do this). Last year, I sat at a table as a particularly drunk follower tried to figure out who I was. I told her where I was, but in the time that it took her to find ‘me’, Nam had taken my seat as I squashed in with @gertyz.

Said drunken scientist arrived on the scene and proceeded to plop on @Namenzia’s lap. No sooner does her arse hit his quad then Nam immediately jumps up with both hands in the air. The unceremoniously dislodged woman was left holding the chair for dear life as Nam professes at the top of his lungs “I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!!” He then dashes into the crowd, leaving @gertyz to applaud.

This, my friends, was a master class on how to deal with inappropriate interactions.  There is no doubt it won’t work for all interactions, I get this, but damn, it sure was brilliant.

*Official Winner of #SfN13 selection was made by a jury of two scientists at the time of the event. Therefore ‘scientists say it’s true’. Alert the press and update your CV, Nam.

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Orange is the new BRAIN

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Now that my fall semester is officially under way, I feel like it is only appropriate to officially look forward to that blissful week in November when I get to cancel class. Neuroscience, baby! And since 2010, with the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience comes BANTER, a little party I made for you and you alone. No really, it will just be the two of us. Is that creepy?

Just kidding, it will be you and 149 of  your closest internet friends! This year, we are super lucky to be sponsored by Faculty of 1000 and F1000 Research, so if you happen to meet one of their folks at the party, be sure to show them your deepest gratitude!

So if you're in DC for the meeting, do stop by Churchkey after your socials or lab dinners (we've made it late to avoid conflicts as much as possible). Tweet me (@doc_becca) to let me know you're coming, and follow the attendee list so you can see who you might run into. More details below in this awesome flyer I made. No printing! Social media only.

Oh, but um....there may be t-shirts.


See you in Washington!

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