Potnia Theron is my spirit animal

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You know how you feel like there are things  you're definitely supposed to know, but if you reveal that you don't know them, the world will point and laugh for an uncomfortably long time, then unceremoniously kick you and your pathetic farce of a career to the curb? Wouldn't you just love it if there were someone out there to explain those things to you in a simple, easy to digest format, with a little humor thrown in to make it enjoyable, and so you don't go blind from googling?

Ladies and gentlemen of the blogosphere, I give you Potnia Theron. I cannot hold in my fangirl-ness any longer; she is an absolute must read. After a brief stint guest-blogging with Isis, she's had her own space for a while now, and to tell you that it overfloweth with  both wit and wisdom is a vast understatement.  There are posts about academia--things that come up as you transition from grad student to post-doc, and post-doc to faculty, and general tips on succeeding without losing your mind. There are posts about basic stats concepts (THANK YOU). There are posts about women's issues, and  about things that are generally awesome.

Most recently, she's got a series up on navigating the seemingly impenetrable labyrinth that is the NIH website, and seriously guys, these posts are straight up GOLD MINES. If you're anything like me, going to nih.gov  fills you with a sinking dread that your entire day is about to be filled with maddening dead ends, bleeding eyes from staring at a site that looks like it was designed in 2002, and much brow furrowing--only to culminate in shaking your computer screen with both hands, screaming "JUST TELL ME HOW TO GET THE FUCKING MONEY!!!" But Dr. Theron lays it all out for you--clearly, calmly, and with easy-to-click-on links. I cannot over-emphasize how urgently these posts need to move to the top of your Bookmarks tab.

So go read, folks! Read, learn, and improve your life in all possible ways. And Potnia, I promise I'm not going to go all crazy stalker on you, but I  basically want to be you when I grow up.

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