So God made a scientist

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One of the more memorable (and perhaps controversial) ads during last night's Super Bowl was Dodge Ram's "So God Made a Farmer," which put an old Paul Harvey speech over some beautiful still images of farmers and farming-related items. The speech praises farmers for their long hours, dedication, and resourcefulness, and I have to say is pretty moving, regardless of your position on farmers or God. But because of the repetitive nature of the text, it occurred to me that it would lend itself quite well to a little meme-ification--what other group of people do we know that are hard working, dedicated, and resourceful? Why, scientists of course! And thus, #SoGodMadeAScientist  was born, and while I had been thinking of it in sort of a jokey way, some of your tweets were really quite lovely. I decided they deserved their own Ken Burns effects, and so with a little help from ShutterStock, I made this nice video for you. I could only fit a fraction of the tweets in the video, so be sure to check out the hashtag on Twitter to witness the genius in its entirety.

I highly recommend you watch the original ad first if you haven't already seen it, so that you can fully appreciate the extent of my parody skillz. Enjoy!

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