12 more months of Fumbling

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Hey hey hey! It's the year end meme to end all year end memes! Here are the 1st sentences from my first post from  each of the last 12 months. Thanks for all your reading and comments this year, folks, and stay tuned--later tonight, a cocktail post!

January: Big day tomorrow, you guys.

FebruaryThis is for all you folks out there who just kicked ass on your interviews.

March: So, this happened:

April: Neither my grad nor my post-doc PI was the type to say no to a photo op, and so I became accustomed to the ritual early on:

May: It's mailbag time, folks!

June: "approved for funding."

July: One of the things I'm quite sure each and every one of you has been told is that an important part of your training is having the opportunity to mentor people.

August: We've just now passed the year mark in New Job City, folks, and there has been much mulling.

September: The second year is nothing like the first year.

October: Over at Pondering Blather, the inimitable Odyssey shares his Five Stages of Grantwriting, an apt twist on the old Five Stages of Grief story.

November: Look, I'm not going to beat around the bush here, Sandy is a piece of shit.

December: A few weeks ago, I attended a fancy pants conference for the first time.


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