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The last four weeks were a whole new level of crazy.

The first two and a half were spent writing my first ever R01--by far the most challenging proposal-writing experience I've been through, and which drained every ounce of brain-juice from my being. How on earth do people do this more than once a year? I feel like I need to go surround myself with beautiful artwork or watch some international films or something to plump my neurons back up. In the end, though, I think it's pretty darn solid. Perhaps not one of the 5 or so upon which my study section will bestow a fundable priority score, but I'd dare say it's in good shape for a resubmission next year.

The middle 5 days were spent in glorious New Orleans for the SfN Annual Meeting, and I honestly think it was the best one I ever attended, from a personal standpoint. Which is to say that maybe for the first time, I really, truly, had the sense that this was MY world. It might have been the high from finishing the grant, combined with running into what seemed like everyone I've ever known in any professional capacity, but for a few blissful days the impostor syndrome kept at bay, and I felt incredibly lucky to be a part of something so amazing as this giant community of neuroscientists. And while I had every intention of eating nothing but lettuce and tofu in anticipation of my imminent wedding day, my intentions were no match for the temptations of NOLA cuisine. Oysters, crawfish, etouffée, bread pudding, pork belly, beignets, gumbo, shrimp, sausage...I ate it all, and I washed it down with about 3 dozen Sazeracs. Speaking of which, the BANTER party was an unquestionable success--we probably had around 150 people over the course of the night, all of whom were just lovely, not to mention impressively behaved despite open bar and free sausage sampler. Thanks for keeping it classy, guys!

Finally, the most recent 4 days were devoted to wedding-related activities! After months of planning and making a thousand tiny decisions, it all came together in what was without question the most beautiful night of my life. Special thanks to Dr 24Hours, who initiated the "doc_becca cake fund," and to all who donated. I'm totally humbled by all the internet love out there! Here's the gorgeous cake--lemon with buttercream frosting, and super delicious!

Now, if you REALLY want to give money to something worthwhile, I encourage you to donate to one of the very deserving projects in my Donors Choose Giving Page. Your donation will help needy kids learn about science, one  of the most worthy causes I can think of. And just as a little incentivization, your donation will also enter you in my Donors Choose cocktail video contest, in which I'll create a drink inspired by you, and shoot a video of myself making it. Kids win, you win, everybody wins!

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