It's Donors Choose time! And cocktail video contest time!

Oct 17 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Every October, science bloggers across the 'sphere band together to support, an organization that helps fund struggling K-12 classrooms by channeling donations straight to the project of your choice! Hence the name, you see! To make it interesting, science blog collectives like Scientopia, Discover Blogs, LabSpaces, and FreeThought Blogs engage in a little friendly competition to see who has the most awesome readers/donators.

To help tilt the scales in Scientopia's favor, I've decided to bring back the now annual cocktail video contest, in which one lucky donor gets a cocktail created in his or her likeness, and I'll post a video of myself making it! Who doesn't want that, really? In order to be eligible, you must donate to a project through Dr Becca's Giving Page. I've picked a few projects that I found particularly heartbreaking and/or inspiring, but you can donate to any project you like through my page! Such is the beauty of DonorsChoose. Some of these projects expire soon, so do not procrastinate! However small, any donation helps.

Many thanks in advance!

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