It's BANTER time!

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For those of you who are old far enough along in your career to remember the halcyon days when New Orleans was a regular in the SfN location rotation, I'm willing to bet you're as crazy over the moon as I am that it's finally, finally, back. Beignets! Hurricanes! Po' Boys! Pralines! I can feel myself gaining many pounds just sitting here thinking about all the amazing things I want to eat over the span of the meeting. As it turns out, I unknowingly scheduled my wedding for the weekend immediately following, so I'll have to watch it with the etoufée. But nothing on earth could keep me from planning a fabulous tweetup for SfN's social media-savvy set (that's you!)

Now in its third year, BANTER is a casual get-together that lets you interact IRL with all the hilarious people you've been chatting with all year OTI. This year, we're very lucky to be sponsored by Frontiers, which means it's quite likely you won't have to pay for anything (except tips! Anyone caught not tipping their bartenders has to wear a big D-for-douchebag scarlet letter on their shirt). Additionally, I am joined in hosting this awesome event by the equally awesome Neuropolarbear! We shouldn't be too hard to spot when you arrive, as we'll probably be the two tallest people there.

All the deets are in this terribly professional-looking flyer thingie I made last night. Evangeline is super close to the convention center, and has a sweet courtyard so we can mingle al fresco. And naturally, I'll be tweeting up a storm as things get closer.

As they say in the Big Easy, laissez les BANTER rouler! 



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