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"approved for funding."

My R21 is getting funded, you guys!! A0! I just did the goofiest Dance of Joy in front of  my students, who are probably at this moment reconsidering their perception of me as an authority figure.

Now, there is a lot of adviceout there that New or Early Stage Investigators should not apply for R21s, and even in light of this recent success, it's hard to argue with the numbers. Compared to R01s, R21s are less money over less time, non-renewable, funded at a lower rate, and do not take NI or ESI status into account when scoring. So why did I spend the first month of my appointment here writing one? It's not like I had nothing else to do.

Because I had an idea for an R21. I think that a misconception about R21s is that they can be treated like mini-R01s, which is wrong--if you have a series of hypothesis-driven experiments in mind, write the damn R01. But the work that I proposed in my R21 never would have flown as an R01. It's exploratory but straightforward, and will fill a significant gap in my sub-sub field's literature regardless of what I find.

Obviously, I am going to write an R01 (or two) as well, while my ESI status is still valid. Though my K99 application was triaged, there are some salvageable bits in there, and we've begun to collect some potentially very interesting preliminary data that could fit in quite nicely.

Right now, though, we do the Dance of Joy!


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