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Hi everyone! I miss you so much. I'm poking my head above the dark and churning waters of dispair lecture preparation for just a few seconds to give you a teensy update, but then I need to retreat back into my brain so I can come up with another week's worth of content. How on earth do you people DO this??

It was just about one year ago today that I was off in a distant part of the country, promoting the shit out of myself. One of the stops on my Self Promotion Tour was a visit with an acquaintance who'd just started up his lab several months before, and I remember being super impressed that he already had stuff going on--there were people! And animals! And science!! How did he get going so fast? I couldn't possibly.

And yet, here we are. If you'd been on a self-promotion tour in NJC and come to visit me in my lab last week, you'd have found me in my office, working on lectures. Poke your head around the corner into the lab and you'd see my awesome tech expertly teaching undergrads a technique that she herself learned only a few weeks ago. You'd hear, above the dulcet tones of Pitchfork's most highly rated albums of 2011, the gentle whir/clatter of stir bars going. My awesome grad student would have been at his computer, preparing for his journal club presentation. And down the hall, animal behavior was being recorded--bona fide data collection.

This is happening, people! The feeling is that mix of disbelief, fear, and elation much like that first moment your mom or dad lets go of the seat of your bike and you don't immediately tip over. Unsteady, thrilling, AaaahhhhhIIIIIIII'm dooooooinnngggg iiiiiiiiittttttt!!!!! It is awesome.

Now, this is not to say that every single thing in the lab is up and running--I made a conscious decision to start with the bare bones basics and work up from there. My fancier techniques are still waiting on equipment to arrive, and I know optimizing those will be a struggle. We will tip over more than once, I'm sure. But right now things seem to going relatively smoothly, and with any luck, we can stay upright until this #^$%#%^*#@ class is over.

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