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Big day tomorrow, you guys. It's my first day of school! By which I mean it is the first day of the first course that I will have designed from start to finish. No textbook--just me, 50 undergrads, and whatever I feel like talking about. I'm super excited and super nervous, and just hope that ultimately, my students will agree with me when I tell them how awesome neuroscience is. If you have any teaching tips, I am all ears, seriously.

In addition to spewing my gospel 3 mornings a week, I'll also be (fingers crossed) collecting actual data this semester. Being a new TT professor is so weird! You spend all this time talking to all these different vendors  and submitting all these purchase orders, followed by a period of about 2 months where you get about 20 boxes a day, and then all of a sudden you're like, I may in fact have enough stuff here to do a real experiment! It is quite something.

But of course there was this little development over the holidays that's threatening to severely limit my productivity, and that's the matter of planning a wedding for this fall. It's true! I am officially, as they say in France, a fiancée. And truth be told, I am really enjoying it. But curse and bless the internet in equal measures! Do you have any idea the rabbit hole of wedding idea free-association clicking that exists out there? We're less than two weeks in, and already I've spent hours upon hours building Inspiration Boards on Snippet & Ink and Pinterest, curating images of vintage luggage stacks, antique trophy bowl centerpieces, and art deco letterpress invites. It is a time-suckage behemoth at which the likes of Angry Birds merely tremble. These next three months will be a true test to the integrity of my will and dedication of my soul to achieving tenure, for there may be no greater temptation to a to-be-wed girl than a well-photographed pair of Badgley Mischkas.

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