12 months of Fumbling

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At first, I wasn't going to do a 12-month first-sentence round up--a meme started by Drugmonkey, and since perpetuated by my esteemed colleagues Prof-like Substance and Gerty-Z. But then I thought to myself, Self, this year has been (in the words of Joe Biden) a Big Fucking Deal, has it not? We began the year collecting unemployment but smack dab in the middle of interviews, went on a self-promotion tour, took a brief visiting scientist position (my "post-doc sabbatical"), accepted an offer of a tenure-track assistant professor, moved to a new city, and started setting up a lab.

This may have been the single most important year of my WHOLE LIFE. So allow me the indulgence of revisiting, will you? And for those of you who've only just joined, I encourage you to take this opportunity to do a little catching up!  This afternoon I'm off for a long weekend at what I like to call the Christmas Country House, where I will be preparing a traditional Christmas eve dinner of slow-cooked brisket and potato latkes.

Wishing all of you have a safe and festive holiday with people who make you happy.

January: I've heard on several occasions that when a person first learns they'll be losing their job, the number one stressful thought isn't "How will I provide for myself and my family?" but "What on earth am I supposed to do all day?"

February: In a rare turn of events, J passed out before me last night, and it crossed my mind that I might take the opportunity to have a teensy sip of Basil Hayden's and do a little scribbling.

March:  My lovely, lovely readers, it fills me with immense joy to bring you the following news: I just signed a letter. From a university. Offering me a tenure-track faculty position.

April: Probably.

May: I was chatting with some department peeps a few weeks back, and a post-doc from one of the big labs here remarked that a nice perk of being in Famous Dude's lab was that it was much easier to get people at other institutions to send him their reagents.

June: I've got a big fat post in the works with all kinds of juicy goodness regarding my recent mini-holiday in New Job City, so for those of you who remain interested in this Great Space Coaster ride of a career path I'm on--and let's face it, you're DYING to know what color scheme I went with for the lab--watch this space.

July:   You know, when I first stumbled into this crazy bloggy world, I had no idea how things worked.

August: ....and we are LIVE in New Job City!

September:  You might not guess it by looking at me, but I've been to a lot of orientations in my life.

October:  Every October, science bloggers across the 'sphere band together to supportDonorsChoose.org, an organization that helps fund struggling K-12 classrooms by channeling donations straight to the project of your choice!

November: Gah. VENDORS, amirite?

December: I read somewhere that during the few months when Top Chef is filming, Padma Lakshmi gains around 15 lbs.



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  • AnyEdge says:

    Such an exciting year for you, Doc. May you continue to flourish in the new year!

  • Dr. Cynicism says:

    Quite a year... may the next one be not-so-dramatic and pay you boat-loads of money!

  • I meant to comment about this a while back, but I think I forgot (sorry if I said this already): I read all the posts linked from your tenure track job search advice aggregator soon after you posted it, and I found it extremely helpful.

    Last year, even though I was hoping to do one more year of postdoc, I saw that the position I really wanted was open. So I applied, but only there and a few other places that wouldn't have been as good of a fit anyway, and I got the 1 interview. Then I was worried (actually, freaking out) because everyone on the internet was saying that they messed up their first interview. I read all the advice you collected and I got the job! I deferred for a year, though, so I'm starting in August. I've been giving all my friends on the market the link and they have also found it very helpful.

    So, thanks for writing! Hope the coming year is just as awesome!

  • Dr Becca says:

    Thanks, AnyEdge and Dr C! So glad to have you around for all of this.

    And TT, congrats on your job!!!! This is exactly what the aggregator is for, and I can't tell you how happy it makes me that it actually worked!

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  • Wow, what a 2011! I can't wait to see what 2012 brings for you.

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