When do you REALLY feel like a grad student?

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  1. @doc_becca comp exams or thesis proposal, whichever comes first.
  2. .@doc_becca I felt like a grad student for real after passing written qualifing exam. I had to study 10 hours a day for 6 months.
  3. @doc_becca From the moment I walked in the door. BAM!
  4. @doc_becca An equally valid question would be, "When do you really STOP feeling like a grad student?"
  5. @doc_becca when I got keys to lab and slept there for an experiment. and when I got library books for the whole semester (dorky, I know)
  6. @doc_becca You feel like a grad student when you change your thesis for the 12th time in a month and celebrate with a drink.
  7. first time you're forced to choose between class presentation and ongoing experiment. RT @doc_becca when do u REALLY feel like grad student?
  8. @doc_becca A week before my first exam.
  9. @doc_becca When I realized I had to leave lab by midnight so I could get dinner before the restaurants on Telegraph closed.
  10. @doc_becca When I started stashing booze in my desk drawer.
  11. @nparmalee @doc_becca when your desk is decorated more than your apartment.
  12. @newprof1 @doc_becca When you try to open the door to your apartment with your lab key.
  13. @nparmalee @doc_becca when you start asking for aliquots of condiments when out to dinner.
  14. @nparmalee @doc_becca when you know where there is free pizza in your department every day of the week.
  15. @sciliz @doc_becca ahh I'll never forget the first time I slept in the lab. I set off the alarm in the animal facility
  16. @doc_becca for me it's being a postgrad. Particularly when I see 18-21 year old psych students, who seem far too young!!
  17. RT @medeavodka: @doc_becca You feel like a grad student when you change your thesis for the 12th time in a month and celebrate with a drink.

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  • Dr Becca says:

    Still trying to get Storify to cooperate, but this stream is in response to a question I was asked by a first year NJU grad student yesterday, "how long did it take before you really felt like a grad student?" Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • geeka says:

    I felt like a 'real' grad student when the thing that took me 2 months on a rotation to do, now took 3 days.

  • KatiePhD says:

    I feel like a grad student every time I interact with a normal human being. Not in an intellectual sense, in a I-feel-very-under-dressed-and-my-purse-is-sooooooo-2000-and-late sense...

  • The first time I had to miss something really big (my high school best friend's wedding) because no one could treat my mice over the weekend. That was also the first (of oh so many times) I realized that being a grad student often means you are really bad friend.

  • OmicsScience says:

    When i was left alone in the lab after 9pm.
    Since then, i never stopped feeling like one, not even now 1.5 years after the completion of the PhD.

  • AcademicLurker says:

    When family members start to ask you when you're going to graduate.

  • The first time you argue a point with a professor and convince them that YOU'RE right.

  • Confounding says:

    When I was finally able to answer my own question.

  • NatC says:

    When I started TAing and had to deal with undergrads.

  • Dr. Koshary says:

    I think it took me over a year of grad school to get there. My first year felt like an extended intellectual party, which was great, but I didn't quite have my groove on. Early in my second year, I concluded that that the level of effort I had been putting into my work was not sufficient to understand the material, which would make or break me; I realized I needed to work so much harder than I ever had before, just to keep my head above water and try to comprehend a little of what MY FELLOW STUDENTS were saying. That's probably when I started to feel like a real grad student.

  • Laura says:

    When prospective students came for recruitment weekend my first year, and they were asking my opinion about everything, I felt like I had arrived.

    Although, I have reached some of these milestones (answering my own questions, convincing a prof I'm right about something, and just this week, stashing whiskey in my desk drawer...) much more recently than that. And I have not yet slept in the lab -- 2 AM is my latest lab night so far (also just achieved this week -- thanks, SfN prep!).

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