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Does the air smell different to you today? That is the smell of winning, my friends. Everyone is winning today, because each and every donation made to between now and Saturday will be MATCHED by the DonorsChoose board of directors! I'm sure you've powered your way through an NPR pledge drive or 12 in your lifetime so you probably know what donation matching means, but just in case--it means that if you made a donation, your money goes twice as far! Whatever you give, you'll get a gift card in a few days to give the same amount of money to any project you like!

AND don't forget! If you make a donation through my Giving Page, you'll automatically make yourself eligible to win a personalized cocktail, that I will make on camera, just for you!

So you see? Students win science! You win cocktails! WIN-WIN!

PS- One of the projects is for new US immigrant children to visit a science museum, and the project is very nearly complete! If you finish this one off, I'll love you forever.

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