The new puppy

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Aw, were you thinking I was going to tell you about how I got a new puppy, and show you pictures of a cute puppy? Sorry. Well, OK, now I feel bad, so here's a picture of a puppy, but it's not my puppy. It's an internet puppy.

Anyway, what I mean by the puppy thing is that being new faculty is like being a new puppy. You are adorable (obvs). You are paraded around the department, not wholly unlike the way one takes his or her new puppy around the neighborhood so everyone can ooh and ah and pet you/ask you how you're getting settled. The tiniest action--a quick wave to the group at faculty meeting, for example--inspires wide-eyed smiles and quiet tittering. The fact that your office is fish tank-style, with one full-windowed wall, doesn't help, as anyone walking by inevitably peers in at the cute new prof with the fancy coffee machine. Do not tap on glass (Feeding is OK, though. Encouraged, even).

Exhausting as it's been being the new puppy--I've had to write no fewer than 5 separate blurbs about myself, my research, or both for various NJU features and spotlights, have 3 lunch dates set for next week, and have been roped into participating in the new department video shoot--it's truly awesome that the greater NJU community is interested in promoting its new faculty, and that the department has been so welcoming and supportive. Construction on the lab is very nearly finished, which is both exciting and terrifying. I'll put up some pics soon, once the floors are all waxed and shiny. The before & after is going to blow your mind!


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