The first few days

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....and we are LIVE in New Job City!

Holy hell, you guys, does moving suck or does it suck? It sucks, right?  It's amazing, really, the way in which you can look around your house/apartment and think, oh, I don't have that much stuff, really, just some pictures and candles and a few pieces of furniture, and then you try to put it all in boxes and you tape up a box, and then another and another, but the stuff doesn't go away! And then you the movers finally get all those boxes inside your new house/apartment and you think, God, I have SO MUCH STUFF! How on earth am I going to find a place for everything? But  you put stuff away and you put stuff away, and then you look around and say to yourself, Well! I guess I really don't have that much stuff after all! This is like, a Cuisinart away from monastic living. Give or take.

Anyway, that was my inner monologue over the course of the last 3 weeks or so. I'm happy that it is at least over-ish, insofar as I don't have to interact with awkward movers who "recommend" you tip them 20% on a $2000 move, and insofar as I've gotten almost everything out of boxes and into an enclosed space of some sort. I built a kitchen cart. I tried desperately to scrub mysterious stains off the walls of the bathroom and kitchen in New Apartment, as it is apparently not customary in NJC (as it is in NYC) to paint an apartment in between tenants. I reassured myself that I will get used to the pungent aromas that make their way up from the dumpsters directly below my living room window.

But grimy surfaces and odoriferous emanations aside, New Apartment is totally fine. It's in a nice neighborhood, and I can walk to New Job U and other local attractions. It is not the regal brownstone/repurposed industrial loft I imagined my professor self would inhabit, but it's got good light and is in fact the first apartment I've had in over ten years with a window in the bathroom and on-site laundry. So there's that! At any rate, it's only for a year, after which (fingers crossed) J will have found a job and we can afford a proper grownup apartment.

In other news, I'll be stopping by NJU this week to check on the progress of my lab's construction, and I am SO excited! I'll snap some pics if they let me. Or even if they don't let me, maybe I'll just be super clandestine about it. Sorry, just a text message...or something. Right now, here in the lab. Yes, it's very important.


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  • hooray! also, i saw that photo of your bar. monastic living, it is not.

  • gerty-z says:

    moving totally sucks. Congrats on being done and hope you are feeling at home in NJC 🙂

  • Dr. Dad, PhD says:

    Awesome! You may be stressed, but you've got an awesome future in front of you!

  • alethea says:

    So true about moving. Somehow what I thought was not-that-much-stuff from my one bedroom apartment grew to fill my two bedroom house. And in two years, me and the guy have to move to a smaller apartment again and I'm already wondering WHERE WILL THE STUFF GO?

    Also, yay for onsite laundry! I have no idea how I ever lived without it!

    I hope you manage to sneak some pictures, I love ogling other labs (which are presumably nicer and shiner than mine).

  • JaySeeDub says:

    Yay! You're moved in!

  • proflikesubstance says:

    congrats on the move and good luck with the mess that is unpacking.

  • katiesci says:

    Hooray for new apartments! I helped move my mom to my city this weekend and it just about killed me. She lived in the same apartment for 8-9 years and is a bit of a pack rat. Needless to say, she has tons of STUFF!

    Also, she fed her cat French fries on Satudsay. I didn't see if he ate them but I think you're safe.

  • Dr Becca says:

    Thanks for all the congrats, everyone! Feels good to be getting settled. Plus, we de-IKEA-fied the last apartment, donated about 20 giant bags to Goodwill, threw out a ton of non-donatables, and put some other stuff in storage, so the new apartment feels much less cluttered, even though it's significantly smaller than my NY apartment.

    Looks like the trip to the lab will be next Tuesday...yay!

  • Anthea says:

    Congrats on your new apartment!! Oh I am envious and I look forward to those days where I don't feel as if I'm working in my kitchen/dining/living room. Woo hoo about new job, new lab and new apartment!

  • Dr. O says:

    I have a feeling the stuff in one's abode multiplies immediately prior to a move.

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