The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree, etc.

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Or is it the apple? Whatever. If you think about it, nothing that grows on a tree is going to fall that far from it--the metaphor is virtually limitless! Thank you, Newton!

It was but a few short months ago that I was gently chiding my current PI for his hoarder-like tendencies, and I see that I have the gift as well. It is strong in me.

The chair of my future department wrote to me recently. "Dr So-and-So has taken a position at another University and is leaving this summer. Do you want his Very Expensive and Complicated Piece of Equipment (VECPE)?"

Hmm...I thought to myself. I have no experience whatsoever with VECPE, but I do know that it is Awesome and Powerful, and it would complement my research really well, and I'm sure I can find someone to show me how to use it or hire a post-doc or something. "Yes!" I told the chair. "I'll take it!"

When I told my current PI about this most excellent score, he beamed like a proud parent. And I'm super excited about VECPE, too. I just have to work hard to make sure it doesn't end up in the cultch heap.

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