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I only ever had a car of my own for the five years I spent in grad school, and for the most part, I hated it. Cars to me were nothing but a giant pain--sitting in traffic, circling grad school town's labyrinth of one-way streets looking for parking, digging myself out after the snow plow came paying for gas, insurance, oil changes, speeding tickets (ahem)...the day I sold my car was one of the happiest of my life.

That said, I can't deny that I derived a great deal of pleasure from driving around and flipping through the radio stations, loudly singing along with whatever random bits of pop goodness I happened to stumble upon (I have a special talent for remembering the lyrics to pretty much every song ever). At home and in my iPod, my music collection was eclectic but refined; but in my car, alone, I could revel in 80s nostalgia, in cheesy classic rock, and in current, inexplicably catchy bubblegum pop with no risk of incriminating evidence.

This week I made a last minute decision to make an appearance at my parents' Passover seder, and getting there involved renting a car just outside the city. It was the first time in ages that I've driven any substantial distance on my own, and I won't lie, I rocked out like it was 2004. Below is but a small sampling of the quality tunes the radio gods hurled at me to make my trip a little awesomer.

Push it - Salt 'n Pepa
Summer of 69 - Bryan Adams
Don't fear the reaper - Blue Oyster Cult
What goes around.../...comes around - Justin Timberlake
Life is a highway - Tom Cochrane
Thriller - Michael Jackson
Groove me - King Floyd
If you leave - OMD
Here I go again - Whitesnake
Best of my love - The Emotions
I don't want to miss a thing - Aerosmith
Groove is in the heart - Dee-Lite
Don't stop believing - Journey
Young Americans - David Bowie
What a fool believes - The Doobie Brothers
I'm so excited - The Pointer Sisters
Ain't too proud to beg - The Temptations
All of the lights - Kanye West
Hit me with your best shot - Pat Benetar
Howlin for you - The Black Keys
Girls just want to have fun - Cyndi Lauper
Moment 4 life - Nicki Minaj
Tonight tonight - Smashing Pumpkins
DJ's got us falling in love again - Usher
I can't fight this feeling - REO Speedwagon
Don't bring me down - ELO
Big empty - STP

Oh and PS, when I was home I made the most excellent discovery that my mom, also a scientist, has started using pipette tip box tops to organize her kitchen drawers. Isn't that amazing?


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  • Dr. Koshary says:

    Oh, guilty pleasures, how we love you in secret! This could easily turn into a blog meme. Hmm...

  • Laura says:

    The tip box lids are genius! That is exactly how I use them for the drawers at my lab bench, but I never considered bringing them home. Tell your mom "thanks" for the idea!

  • Dr. O says:

    You had me at Whitesnake. Then you added in Journey, Pat Benetar, and REO Speedwagon. The little iPod in my head will be jamming some good ol' tunes for the rest of the day.

    BTW, I've been using the tip box lids to organize my lab bench drawers since I started my postdoc...quite useful, but I never thought of extending this to my home. This has provided new ways to organize...LOVE 🙂

    • gerty-z says:

      If you are going to start bringing lab home, make sure to grab a couple of CLEAN 50 mL conical vials. Put a few dried beans in them, and Monkey will have fun for hours!! Sterile 60 mL syringes (- needle) also make great bath toys.

      • Dr. O says:

        I love the conical rattle idea! We've used the large syringes for water gun fights in our lab, but it never occurred to me to bring those home either. I bet Monkey will love it 🙂

  • anon says:

    Your Mom sounds cool. My sister & I both ended up in biomedical sciences, but we can't attribute that to either of our parents. huh.

    I don't get the 2004 link to your playlist.

  • Heavy says:

    I love those corn cob skewers.

  • Dr. Cynicism says:

    Sounds like a hell of a musical trip!

  • Mom says:

    Glad to share the pipet tip box drawer organizer idea via Dr. B! The 50ml conical tube dried bean rattle sounds great too - lots of good alternative uses for lab items!

    And I have 2 very cool amazing daughters!

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