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My lovely, lovely readers, it fills me with immense joy to bring you the following news:

I just signed a letter. From a university. Offering me a tenure-track faculty position.

I am going to be an assistant professor!!!!1!!!!!ELEVENTY!!!!!!!!!!!

The short story is this: I only had two interviews, but both places contacted me soon after my respective visits, wishing to start negotiations for an offer. I take this to mean that while I may only be moderately impressive on paper, I am a *superstar * in person, a distinction I am willing to accept (though I do realize that being impressive on paper is what gets one grants, so...I'll work on that part). I negotiated with both, and in the end, Interview #2 came through with a package I was happy with. Really, really happy.

I am so excited, you guys! I can't wait to get my lab up and running, and fill it with happy young scientists doing happy young science. (?) I will be sad to leave NYC, but my new home will still be in the northeast, so I'll be close enough to visit regularly--you know, in my free time (LOLJK).

Maybe it's the lingering Oscar pixels in my brain, but I feel compelled to thank some people--you. I am honestly not positive I would have navigated everything so successfully without the insight and advice I gathered over the last year from my readers and fellow academia bloggers. You guys rock, seriously.

So now, the big question--do I have to change the name of the blog to simply Fumbling Towards Tenure?


*if you're all, "wha?" see side bar blurb

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