Employment, I haz it!

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OK, before you get too excited, this is not THE big job announcement that, FSM willing, I'll be able to make sometime in the not-so far away future (I can only say now that things are going very nicely on that front). But with respect to the immediate future, I am happy to tell you that I'll no longer be collecting unemployment, which itself is nothing to sneeze at.

It is amazing the way things work out sometimes. One of my (many) sciencey skillz is something that would be considered by some to be...I don't know, antiquated, I guess. I prefer "classic." Back before my TT interviews I visited a group here in the city to tell them about my skillz in hopes of landing a 2nd post-doc, but I felt I had to be up front about my upcoming interviews. The very awesome PI told me that he totally wanted my skillz, but that he thought that my interviews indicated I probably wouldn't be around all that long. I understood.

Fast-forward 6 weeks or so, and very awesome PI writes, "I think we can make this work for you, even short term." So we do some chit-chatting, and he tells me about the awesome projects that he has up and running and that would be even awesomer with my skillz. I am offered a Research Scientist position, with the understanding that I may be gone by the end of the summer.

I'm really excited--I'll be applying my knowledge to a new problem, in a new organism. I'll learn a ton. Ā I'll be in a world-class department, making new potential collaboration connections. And really, really importantly, I'll not be completely fucking broke .

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