Moving day!

Dec 16 2010 Published by under Uncategorized

Watch out, you guys--there's wet paint EVERYWHERE in here. Of course, I've made sure to take care of the important things. Fancy a cocktail?

Welcome to my new bloggy home! To those of you who followed me from LabSpaces or blogspot, thanks for your flexibility; I don't anticipate another move at any time in the near future, so your RSS feeds can breathe easy.

To those of you I've never met before, thanks for stopping by! You've caught me at an incredibly exciting and...transitional point in my career. This week marked not only my last day in my current post-doc lab (back story here and here), but my first bona fide faculty interview!

I hope you'll stay tuned for the continued chronicling of my many misadventures on the track to tenure track. Many, many misadventures. Β There will be highs and lows, I'm sure. And without question, there will be cocktails. Oh, there will be cocktails.

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