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Original post date: Sept 23, 2010

Do you belong to a gym? If so, do you have "gym friends?" I have a couple of gym friends, but our friendship is strictly limited to the gym. We chat in the locker room or while we're waiting for Abs class to start, but that's it. I mean, let's face it--any friend you make at the gym is a friend you make while sweaty and/or half-naked--it'd be a little awkward if I actually knew their last names or saw them in other contexts. But apparently that's just me, because I overheard two gym friends talking in the locker room today, and they decided to kick their friendship up a notch, to Facebook level. Big move!

Of course, in order to be friends on Facebook with someone you need some sort of personal information--full name, email, what have you, and so to facilitate the transition, one girl offered the other her card. I found this both awesome and fascinating, because I have never in my life had a card to hand out to strangers while we're both in our underwear. But I kind of want one!

Every year as the Society for Neuroscience meeting approaches I think that I should maybe have some cards made, and I never do. But this year, when the chances of me genuinely needing a job during the meeting are pretty darn high, I'm thinking a little more seriously about really making it all happen. But what goes on an unemployed neuroscientist's business card?

I likely won't have a work address or phone number, just my email and cell. And what do I put as my title? Post-post-doc? Neuroscientist? Do I list my areas of interest? Talents? And most importantly, do I go for Eggshell or Pale Nimbus?


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